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            Since The Beauty Bar will be operating at 50% capacity we will only have 2-3 technicians in the front of the salon and 2 technicians in the back of the salon. We ask for your full cooperation and patience during this time when scheduling your appointment. Our technicians will be trying their best to accommodate you but are only allowed to work in specific shifts in order to keep the volume of people in the salon to a minimum.




            We now have TWO private rooms available to service our immune compromised customers, as well as clients who may prefer a private room. We have also created an, “Outdoor Salon” experience where keratins and any services can be done, should you not want to enter the salon at all. Please be sure to let our receptionist know if you would like your appointment in any of these new areas.

**private rooms and outdoor service is based solely on availability and weather and can not be guaranteed **




             We ask that you please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. You must wait in your car and call the salon to let us know you have arrived. During warmer weather please be sure to leave your AC on as the heat could affect your temperature reading. We are running on a strict time schedule and unfortunately can no longer be as lenient as we once were with tardiness. To ensure everyone’s safety and to be fair to your technician’s schedule and other customers we will only have a 5 minute “grace period,” after which, you will have to call and reschedule your appointment.





              Face Masks are required to enter the salon. We are aware these have become a new required accessory and some can be expensive. We are asking that you not wear your best mask as we can not be held responsible for any stains that may occur during your time of service. The Beauty Bar will NOT be providing disposable masks but will have some reusable and machine washable ones available for purchase should you need one.






             Once we are ready for you, we will let you know. Please proceed to the front, outside area of the salon and stand on the marked “X “ for your temperature to be taken and logged.  We will also ask you to sanitize your hands before you enter the salon. Should your temperature read above a 100.1, we will not be allowed to service you and you will have to call to reschedule for another day. If you do not have a fever you will be required to fill out our Covid-19 Salon Screening Questions. **In the event you are not feeling well please do not hesitate to call and cancel your appointment.**




              Unfortunately, during this time we are no longer allowed to serve beverages. We welcome you to bring your own if you would like. Please only bring the following belongings in with you to your appointment: a purse, cell phone, keys, wallet, or beverage.





              We are no longer allowed to have a waiting area. This means children and guests, who do not have an appointment at the same time as your service, may not accompany you to your appointment.




              The closet to change and hang your personal belongings is now prohibited. We are only allowed to provide robes for color services. They will be handed to you upon entering. After use, all robes, towels and capes will be washed and sanitized as they have always been. We ask that you do not wear anything of value to your appointment because we can not be responsible for any stains during a service.




                Given the way our salon is set up we can still continue to offer all of our same services including blow outs and treatments. The only change is that “self” blow-drying is no longer permitted. Customers may no longer stay after a service to blow dry their own hair. We kindly ask that you either schedule yourself in for a blow dry with a technician or do it at home.



We can’t wait to see you!











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